Law Firms

Draco investigators have extensive experience working with attorneys to assist with:

  • Case preparation for trial or settlement;
  • Client interviews;
  • Accident scene evaluation;
  • Locating witnesses;
  • Witness statements; and much more. 

Insurance Fraud Investigation

We leverage our years of experience working within the Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor for the State of NJ to help insurance companies investigate potential fraud or conduct independent reviews. 

We can supplement a busy SIU Department or work independently on assigned cases. 

Background Checks

We understand that making informed decisions about hiring an employee, a financial transaction, or even a personal relationship may require an investigation of unfamiliar parties and can protect  you from unnecessary risk and loss.


We conduct legal, financial, and personal background checks on individuals including:

  • Criminal and arrest records;
  • Litigation history (cases as both a plaintiff or defendant);
  • Legal filings, such as bankruptcy records, and court testimony;
  • Employment verification;
  • Education verification (confirmation of higher education degrees);
  • Financial profiles, including credit reports and financial account searches;
  • Social media accounts;
  • Outstanding liens and judgments;
  • Real assets (personal & business assets);
  • Business affiliations, including entities in which a person serves as an executive or corporate officer;
  • Residence history;
  • Motor vehicle records and license status;
  • Professional license verification

 Once our work is complete, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing our findings. 

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